Thunfisch und Zwiebelkuchen

Thunfisch und Zwiebelkuchen Rezepte

To make the quiche you can use a pastry or a sheet of puff pastry for the base. Let’s use pastry, extend it using the roller and cover her entire mold base, we recommend using a springform pan
Cover with aluminum foil or oven and placed in the oven at 190 degrees about 12-14 minutes
Now beat the eggs in a bowl, over time the whole mass paints with beaten egg and leave five minutes in the oven, and without paper
Chop the onion very fine and pochala in a pan with very little oil. Mix the beaten eggs with the milk and cream, add salt and pepper and mix
Now we putting on the basis of mass more than half of the onion, flaked tuna and grated cheese, over the egg mixture and milk. We distributed over the remaining onion and tuna and put it in the oven at 180 degrees 30 minutes. Be drawn when well-cured.

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