Risotto amb gambes

Risotto with prawns Recipes & food

Risotto amb gambes Receptes


ceba 100 g
tomàquet Unitat 2
pastanaga 1 peça
40 ml olive oil
220 g rice
0 mica d'orenga mòlt
1 culleradeta de pebre negre
1500 ml fish broth
0 mica de pebre vermell
gra d'all 1 peça
130 g cooked prawns

Nombre de porcions:


Hora de cuinar:

90 minuts

Will mark the prawns with a dash of olive oil, a minute on each side in the pan that we will use to make rice
Once marked rehogaremos onion and minced garlic with carrot (this grated)
While these vegetables rallaremos sautéed tomato and it will add to the sauce. Once the vegetables are poached incorporate rice and give you a few turns to take taste
will add the paprika and mix well. Finally add the fish stock (or fish stock) and add a little salt, pepper and oregano
We’ll let it cook over medium heat. We’ll stirring occasionally, cooking time is approximate, we look to the manufacturer in the package.

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