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Rice with Prawns Recipes & food

Arròs amb gambes Receptes


50 g de ceba
60 g butter
l'oli d'oliva 1 cullerada
Parmesan cheese 60 g
300 g d'arròs
1 al gust sal
20 ml de vi blanc
1000 ml fish broth
250g fresh prawns

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Hora de cuinar:

65 minutes

First chop the onion and poached in a pot or pan with oil. After you add the peeled shrimp and let the shrimp rehogen few minutes in the oil
Once done, we add the rice and sauté the rice with the rest several minutes on low heat
A cast continuacón wine, expect to evaporate a little alcohol and immediately threw the fish stock. We stopped over medium-low heat for about 20-22 minutes until rice is tender
When you depart, is poured salt to taste each and add the butter and Parmesan, expect the heat to melt and mix everything carefully to take the taste.

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