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Arròs Amb Llet En Estil Asturià Recipes


Whole milk 1000 ml
50 g rice
1 cullerada de mantega
teaspoon sugar 8
60 ml water
cinnamon 10 g

Nombre de porcions:


Hora de cuinar:

60 minuts

Put a pan or pot with a liter of milk at medium heat, place a piece of lemon peel in milk and a cinnamon stick. As soon as the milk starts to boil, bajamo intensity a little heat and let the milk boil about 15 minutes away before
While washing with tap Agura usually rice for starch. Drain and put it in a pot, cover rice with water (not too much) and put it to heat until it begins to boil. Let the rice will absorb the water and when water remains just add half of the milk that we boiled. Let the rice milk and continue cooking as they go running out of milk you add the rest of milk we have. In this step of cooking rice with milk is usually about 45-50 minutes tartar
At the moment there is very little milk and rice is cooked, it aside and add the butter, sugar and a dash of anise if you have at home. Stir to mix all
Divide the rice pudding in the container you want, let it cool, and before serving Sprinkle sugar over each container and burn it with the help of a kitchen torch, this will make the sugar will caramelize and scrumptious.

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