Croquetes d'arròs amb salsitxa picant

Rice Croquettes with Spicy Sausage Recipes & food

Croquetes d'arròs amb salsitxa picant Receptes


320 g rice
ous sencers 2 Unitat
Salsitxa picant 140 g
gra d'all 1 peça
wheat flour 40 tablespoon
enllaunada salsa de tomàquet 40 g

Nombre de porcions:


Hora de cuinar:

60 minuts

Heat a pan with at least one liter of water, some Spicy sausage ​​in 4 or 5 parts water and add it when it is hot. We left about 12-14 minutes, then take it out, peel and chop better. The stock sneaked it and save it
We heat a pan with a little oil, toss the peeled garlic and sauté party. You then add the rice and a little Spicy sausage ​​broth, enough to cover the rice. Salted and left twenty minutes cocienddo
Then in a bowl mix the cooked rice with Spicy sausage ​​and egg. Mix with hands until we have left a uniform mass
We are going to give forms of kibble and we passed a beaten egg and flour. Just fry them in oil is
We accompany our croquettes with a tomato sauce or whatever comes to mind.

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