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Receptes del púding de llet


Whole milk 1000 ml
125 g sugar
1 peça de llimona
25 g de mantega
200 g d'arròs
40 g cinnamon

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Hora de cuinar:

90 minuts

Put in a saucepan to heat a liter of milk with sugar, lemon peel and cinnamon sticks two. Put over medium heat until boiling milk
While heating the milk going to wash the rice under the tap. Put the rice in a colander and put it under the tap. Below the strainer will put a pileup that collecting runoff water rice. Once the milk boils, add the rice and stir well wrung. We put the heat to medium low temperature and let it go by the rice for 50-60 minutes. There you go stirring occasionally, more often as the swelling goes with rice milk, and monitor closely for the last minute or it will stick and burn rice background
When taking 50 minutes try the rice, if you actually have to see how much milk is left in the pot. Note that if the rice aside still absorb some milk, so if too much milk is left remaining 10 minutes or a little more and be removed when milk barely
Off the heat, remove the lemon peel and cinnamon sticks. Add 25 grams of butter into cubes to rice pudding and stir well until melted and integrated with rice
Let stand for five minutes and divided into four containers. Sprinkle with cinnamon to taste and garnish, if you like, with a bit of lemon peel

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