Costella amb pebrots i patates

Costelles amb pebrots i patates Receptes i aliments

Costella amb pebrots i patates Receptes

Nombre de porcions:


Hora de cuinar:

45 minuts


100 g de patata
red pepper 2 Unit
pebre negre al gust 1
1 al gust sal
2000 g pork ribs
gra d'all 2 Unitat

First of all place the baking sheet in the ribs, and watered salpimentamos with a little oil. Preheat oven to 180 degrees and we put the ribs for just over an hour and a half
Then let’s wash the peppers, season them and water them with a little oil. When we remove the ribs we put a half hour in the oven. When we remove let cool slightly and split him in half
In a skillet, fry the garlic rolled, add the peppers and leave a few minutes
Then peel and cut potatoes, fry and drain to remove
Serve the ribs with fries and peppers.

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