Mousse de llimona

Mousse de llimona Receptes i aliments

Mousse de llimona Receptes

Nombre de porcions:


Hora de cuinar:

45 minuts


50 g sugar
1 peça de llimona
3 Unit egg
40 g cornstarch
60 ml whole milk

Put in a saucepan and half a glass of tap water. Cut a few pieces of lemon peel and you throw water. Put to heat and boil water and then turn away
Ara muntar les clares d'ou a punt de neu amb una culleradeta de sucre o sucre glas
On the other hand in a bowl mix the cornstarch, milk and sugar. Whisk everything well to get a smooth cream. The let stand a few minutes and then you add the water to boil before (without the lemon skin) and squeeze half a lemon
Finally, all this is only mixed with egg whites, being careful not to fall, and we will have achieved our mousse. Ideally, refrigerate before taking cold.

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