Pollastre Rostit

Baked Chicken Recipes & food

Pollastre al forn Receptes


250 g de patates
pebre negre al gust 1
1 al gust sal
25 ml white wine
gra d'all 3 Unitat
pollastre sencer 1 peça

Nombre de porcions:


Hora de cuinar:

90 minuts

The chicken we buy and clean, especially if we have no idea how to clean it and prepare it for roasting. So you better tell our butcher prepares us
The potatoes are peeled and sliced, we do the same with the onion. Put them in a baking dish occupying entire base
We already prepared chicken over the potatoes and onion. We water with a splash of olive oil and salt
Prepare a dressing of garlic, parsley and olive oil, toss it over the chicken and potatoes
Finalment posem un tros de ceba i la meitat d'una llimona a l'interior del pollastre
Heat oven to 190 degrees, and we put the chicken inside for an hour and a quarter. Every half hour we flipping the chicken to go everywhere doing well. What we get when we feel it is well done.

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