Tàrtar d'ànec, ou del galliner de brandi

Duck tartare, egg corral brandy Recipes and food

Duck tartare, egg corral brandy Recipes


1 duck breast
2-3 teaspoons of duck liver pate
L'oli d'oliva verge extra
1 egg and poultry
Ceba fregida
1 glass of brandy
Perrins Salsa

Nombre de porcions:


Hora de cuinar:

45 minuts

Clean the duck breast to remove the nerves and fat. Once clean, cut the duck into thin and homogeneous taquitos. Incorporate duck liver pate to the meat, season to taste and mix thoroughly.

In addition, prepare a bowl brandy, perrins sauce, olive oil, pepper and salt, and stir.

To help us emplatar a hoop to create a tower of tartar and fried onions, and we’ll crown with an egg yolk. Finally, pour the vinaigrette on the plate we have prepared. It is recommended to incorporate the vinaigrette just before serving and mix well.

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