Budín De Xocolata

Púding de xocolata Receptes i aliments

Receptes del púding de xocolata

Nombre de porcions:


Hora de cuinar:

45 minuts


300 ml whole milk
250 g black chocolate
50 g butter
150 g de sucre
ous sencers 2 Unitat
wheat flour 25 g
Llevat 1 cullerada
30 g cocoa powder

First of all we will melt the chocolate with the milk, put the milk to boil in a saucepan over low heat and I recommend trocees well before pouring chocolate milk, and will melt before
On the other hand, melt butter and beat it with the sugar, add the egg yolks, cocoa powder (reserve some for later) and flour. Mix the dough with melted chocolate and stir well have
Put the oven to heat to 190 degrees, put a pan of water inside, it will do a double boiler
Passeig en un bol les clares d'ou a punt de neu i afegir a la barreja de xocolata lentament per no baixar
Pour the mixture into a suitable source for stoves and inserts the source in the water pan being careful not to burn. Get cooking in the oven for about 25-30 minutes. Always served hot.

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